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The Art of Electronics PDF is a book that deals with digital electronics and analog. It is a book by the famous writers, Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill. The first edition was published in 1980 after which the revised second edition came in 1989 and the third edition being published in 2015.

The Art of Electronics pdf Review:

Published by Cambridge University Press, this book has a lot of information about designing circuits and DC voltage. In addition, it gives the reader knowledge about resistance, current and oscillators. The digital aspects covered in the book are digital processors and micro bus interface. This book is great for people who are just getting to learn about electronic and equally informative for an expert. It has a rating of 4.35 on Good Reads.

The book also comes with a Student Manual which refers to the text and at the same time contains supplements and tests relating to the laboratory experience of electronics. For reference, the main book has tables, charts, diagrams and even equations. The Third Edition is by far the most read one because it has eliminated the old circuit and electronics design while only talking about the ones we use today.

The Art of Electronics PDF

The Art of Electronics PDF Features:

  • The books deals with different aspects of digital electronics as well as basic electronic concepts like current and voltage.
  • It is also one of the few electronic books talking about topics like high frequency and high speed designs and the techniques of developing them.
  • Moreover, it also deals with low power applications.
  • It is basically a textbook but the kind that also can act as a reference manual. Unlike most other books that only talk about good circuits, this book also mentions bad circuits and tried to distinguish between the two by explaining what is wrong with the bad one and what qualities the good one has to make it the good one.

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