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Digital computer electronics is a textbook that talks to the students about the use of digital electronics in the advanced world with main focus on the use of microprocessors in the practical implementation of electronics. It teaches the students about digital computer electronics, their dynamics and uses based on examples from the real world. At the end of this article, download the free Digital Computer Electronics PDF from our site.

Digital Computer Electronics Review:

The book is written by the legendary Albert Paul Malvino. Jerald Brown also contributed some knowledge to the updated editions of this book. With a rating of 4.8 on Good Reads, this book has proved to be very informative for students for the past few decades. The book was published under the house of Glencoe and has a total of 522 pages in its 1992 revised edition. It was originally published in 1977 and surrounds three major real-life uses of digital computer electronics to teach the students about them. This book is equally beneficial for teachers, students, hobbyists, and engineers. Revolving around the themes of technology and engineering, this book has information that will help some people learn new things and help others revise some of their previous concepts and knowledge.

Digital Computer Electronics PDF

Digital Computer Electronics PDF Features:

  • The book takes into account three real-life examples of digital computer electronics usage i.e. Intel’s 8085, Motorola’s 6800, and the 6502 chip.
  • There is also a version of TASM cross assembler software programme for students and their understanding of the subject.
  • Along with the information, there are also many experiments relating to digital electronics mentioned in the book for the reader.
  • The best part about the book is that it has a nice pace. It starts from basic things and then moves on to more complex topics and concepts.
  • The revised versions that came after the original versions contain all the advanced information and how to implement it in practical projects of digital computer electronics.

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