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Electrical Engineering 101 is a book about electronics theory and major explanations related to Electrical Engineering. This book is the bridge between theory and practice to make up for everything you did not study in engineering school. The book starts with the question “What is electricity? “and goes on answering his question in the starting chapters. At the end of this article, download the free Electrical Engineering 101 PDF from our site.

Electrical Engineering 101 PDF Review:

This book was written by Darren Ashby. Published by Elsevier in 2006, this 300-page book is about the topics related to engineering and technology. The author himself is an expert in electronic and electrical engineering which makes him a great teacher of the subject. This book is great for engineers as it teaches them something more than what they were taught in school. Forma educations tend to be more focused on theory and explaining concepts rather than explaining their practical applications. This book fills in that gap and teaches the reader on how to do things practically with the theoretical knowledge that they have already acquired.

Electrical Engineering 101 PDF

Electrical Engineering 101 pdf Features:

  • The book has all the information an electrical engineer needs upon completion of the degree including circuit and signal analysis.
  • There is a detailed explanation of how to troubleshoot all kinds of circuits i.e. analog and digital electric circuits.
  • The book comes with a CD that contains additional information about engineering terms and concepts along with a simulation of software and details regarding calculations in engineering.
  • It covers those basic concepts of engineering that have been ignored in an engineer’s formal education.
  • The author tries his best to give all the information a fresher needs in incorporating his theory into practical work and applications.
  • The book contains knowledge of how to properly use an oscilloscope in practical work. There is also information about the physical equivalents of electronic components.

Download Electrical Engineering 101 PDF Free:

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