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This book is a guide on electronics as it contains all information on how to choose the right kind of components for your projects.

Encyclopaedia of Electronic Components Volume 2: LEDs, LCDs, Audio, Thyristors, Digital Logic, and Amplification PDF Review:

The book is written by the combined efforts of Charles Pratt and Fredrik Janson. Published by Maker Media in 2014, this book has all the information about choosing the right electronic components for your projects. It has a lot of diagrams, pictures, and schematic designs to aid the process of learning. It is equally beneficial for teachers, engineers, students or hobbyists as all the information in this book is basic to complex and all the facts have been checked for authenticity. While it will help beginners learn about new concepts, it will aid the experts in refreshing their memories or getting information about the electronic component they desire to use.

 Encyclopaedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 PDF

Encyclopaedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 PDF Features:

  • It is the only electronic encyclopedia that is divided into three volumes for better understanding By categorizing the topics.
  • With each component, there is also additional detail about what you substitute it with and what to do if something goes wrong with the component. The benefit of this book is that the information provided inaccurate which is way better than finding some instructions online that are filled with ambiguities.
  • Volume 1 touches on semiconductors, magnetism, and power. The second volume explains LED, LCD, Digital logic, and amplification. Sensing devices are covered in Volume 3.
  • The components are categorized according to their use which makes it easy for the reader to browse through the book and find information which has been distilled from a number of sources.

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