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Getting Started with Arduino is a self-help book on learning how to use Arduino and start prototyping right away. From starting to adding final touches to your project, this book has everything about prototyping.

Getting Started with Arduino pdf Review:

Written by Massimo Banzi, this book was published by Maker Media in 2014. Massimo us the co-founder of Arduino project. Previously, he has held workshops and spoken as a guest speaker at many prestigious institutes. He later decided to write a book on the subject of Arduino. The 245 pages book is all about computers and everything you need to know about them. It is one of the best books about using Arduino out there as it is extremely easy to read especially if you have prior knowledge of the subject. Helpful for techies and non-techies alike, this book guides you through the seemingly hard project of prototyping and using Arduino.

Getting Started With Arduino Pdf

Getting Started with Arduino PDF Features:

  • The book starts with a complete introduction of the latest Arduino release and prototyping.
  • It has a step by step instruction method where the first step in gathering your required components with the last step being the final touches you add to your project.
  • All you need to make the Projects mentioned in this book is Arduino, USB cable, and an LED. The Arduino works easily on Mac, Linux or Windows.
  • This book guides the reader on interactive design and physical computing while shedding light on the Arduino board and its software environment.
  • There is detailed information about basic electronics terms and application. After that, the writer goes on to the complex task of explaining how to prototype on a solderless breadboard.
  • You will be able to talk to the computer and cloud along with being able to draw schematic diagrams.
  • Following the instructions in this book, you will have custom design plant-watering system for your own convenience.

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