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Make More Electronics is a self-guide book that helps you in making real projects at home. The book is quite fun and friendly to read and understand with all you need to know about designing electronics like circuits at home.

Make More Electronics pdf Review:

The book was written by Charles Pratt. Published by Marker Media Incorporated in 2014, this book is based on the genres of technology and engineering. With 392 pages, this book is all about making projects. Charles Pratt is an Editor and columnist at the Make magazine in which he regularly writes article related to electronics. He has already penned amazing books like Encyclopedia of Electronic Components and Make Electronics. This book is also somewhat like Make electronics guiding you on how to actually make electronics and not just read the theories behind their working and dynamics.

Make More Electronics PDF

Make More Electronics PDF Features:

  • This book is a continuation of Make Electronics and contains all kind of information about the principles of electronics and all the key concepts involved. Before you learn about the theory behind circuits, you will learn about how to design them at home.
  • There are many illustrations and colored photographs to easily explain to the reader how to make projects.
  • It guides you on how to deal with comparators, light sensors and higher level logic chips and their application in your daily projects.
  • Furthermore, there are details about the application and uses of multiplexers, shift registers, magnetic sensors, decoders and encoders.
  • The writer also sheds light on topics like audio amplification. He does not only mention the positive fed back of the components but also tells the reader if there is a negative feedback.
  • The book is quite easy to understand as the information is displayed in a step by step manner making it easy for the reader to follow up and do everything in order accurately.

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