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Make your own PCBs is a self help book that teaches you in easy ways how to create your own professionally designed PCBs at hoke using the new EAGLE. Aimed at beginners and experts alike, this book is a winner.

Make Your Own PCBs with EAGLE: From Schematic Designs to Finished Boards pdf Review:

Written by the legendary Simon Monks, this book was published by McGraw Hill Education on the subjects of Technology and Engineering in 2017. Monks has a PhD in software engineering with a Bachelors in cybernetics. His works have been previously widely acclaimed including Programming the Raspberry Pi and so many more. The book has all the helpful information you could possibly need for understanding and managing Raspberry Pi or Arduino. If you want to learn advanced techniques and take you Arduino bard experience to a newer level, this book is ideal for you.

Make Your Own PCBs with EAGLE pdf

Make Your Own PCBs with EAGLE PDF Features:

  • The book teaches the reader how to develop a schematic design and then transform in into PCB layout.
  • Furthermore, it talks about the process of installing and configuring EAGLE.
  • Monks guides his readers on how to send their Gerber files to the manufacturer so that they can fabricate the finish board.
  • The latest version has some advanced tips for the readers on how to make some DIY projects at home using Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.
  • One of the major things is to gather the collect components and then you ca start using them to launch your own projects.
  • If you are bored of the same old rectangular shaped boards, this book also teaches how to how to customize the shape of your board.
  • You can either modify the parts you already have or build your new ones to make user language programmes for automation of repetitive tasks.

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