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Making Things Move is a self help book for hobbyists, hacker or just makers. It is a complete guide on how to create things with non-technical explanations. It is basically a Pinterest Page of DIY components for your electronics.

Making Things Move pdf Review:

Written by Dustyn Roberts, this book was published by McGraw Hill Publications in 2010. It has over 400 pages all of which have to do with technology and electricity. The book is a project guide with DIYs of energy-harvesting devices or just even toys. It is idea for everyone be it an electronics enthusiast or an expert looking for a bit of inspiration. The projects talked about are quite simple most of which can be made easily by things available at home.

This inventive and practical guide can help you turn your electronic imaginations into reality. The simple machines can be combined to make more complex ones by combining them. A few projects talked about in the book are rotating platforms, small wind turbines and mousetrap powered car.

Making things Move PDF

Making Things Move PDF Features:

  • The book has easy DIY projects for you to make at home. There are illustrations, imaged of 3D models and screenshots to provide ease to the reader in understanding the process.
  • The starting of the book has simple projects to give you a hang of the procedure. At the end, there are complex projects that incorporate all the knowledge of the previous chapters to build something mechanical.
  • The book teaches you about learning how to calculate the forces involved like friction, resistance and torque. It starts with the basic things like making a list of materials you need and learning how to solder and fasten things in place.
  • Using bearing, screws and springs, the reader gets to learn about electrical and mechanical power and make simple machines.

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