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Microelectronics Circuits is a great book about electronic circuits and instructions related to their working and application. The book detailed information about some complex electronics topics like cascade amplifiers, oscillators and amplifiers.

Microelectronics Circuits pdf Review:

The book is a combined effort of Adel Sedra and Kenneth Smith. Published in 2015 by Oxford University Press, this book is based on the genre of electronic circuits. In the 1472 pages that the book has, the writers have shed light on circuits along with discussing nonlinear components of a circuit. This includes diodes and transistors etc. With a very casual speed and easy wording, the book talks bout the control theory and its application in electronic circuits. This book covers a vast range of topics which makes it suitable for textbook use or as a reference guide.

Microelectronics Circuits PDF

Microelectronics Circuits PDF Features:

  • The book has ample examples to explain the dynamics of a circuit to the reader. Even if you are new to the field, the book has plenty for you to take in.
  • It has information about analogue amplifiers and filters along with containing knowledge about operational amplifiers and noise sensitivity.
  • The writer tries to explain the basic physics behind semiconductors and their functioning.
  • Along with analogue circuits, the book also mentions in detail digital logic circuits and application of them to memory and sampling.
  • The book also has a feature in which the authors have cited historical notes and how electronics were applied in that time.
  • There is talk of cascade amplifiers, frequency response and other things. Along with that, the authors have also covered Digital IC design with a modern and revolutionized touch.
  • The revised version comes with a solutions manual at the end by the co-author Adel Sedra. This is good for testing yourself and analyzing how much you have learned from the book.

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