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Op Amp Applications Handbook is a book which deals with the latest and most up to date op amp techniques, designs and explanations regarding the use of operational amplifiers. It is equally suitable for beginners and experts as it touches on newer techniques as well as the old ones.

Op Amp Applications pdf Review:

The book was written and edited by Walter Jung. Walter is an expert in his field having done extensive research in the fields of electronics and operation amplifiers. Published by Elsevier in 2014 and revolves around the genre of engineering and technology. This 900 page extensive book has all you need to know about operational amplifiers and their role in modern electronics designs. Since the latest op amplifiers have powerful features, they are quite suitable for being parts of many projects. The book explains all the aspects of using operational amplifiers and how they can be used in objects requiring weak signal amplification.

Op Amp Applications Handbook PDF

Om Amps Applications Handbook PDF Features:

  • The book teaches the reader on how to make medical devices and use op amps in optical networks and sensor interfacing.
  • The book is divided into seven chapters each with their own technical information making it easy for an engineer to find anything he needs to know about any topic.
  • Their are instructions about simplifying the latest operational amplifiers and making them more suitable for projects by modifying circuit designs to improve their performance.
  • Any one who wants to know more about electronics can benefit from this book as there is also mention of history of op amps and how they developed over time.
  • There is also mention of researches carried out by experts in the field which makes this book a great reference for those who are in the field of engineering.

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