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Om Amps for Everyone is a self help book that is focused on teaching the readers on how to make circuits that are not only easy to make but are also efficient. The projects in the book can be made using easily available electronic components.

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The book was written by two experts in the field i.e. Bruce Carter and Ron Mancini. Published by Elsevier, the latest edition of this book was released in 2017 and revolves around the themes of technology and engineering. This book fills the gaps between theory and practical applications by letting the reader apply the theories in real life using electrical components that can be bought from local distributors. Along with talking about the design, the book also teaches on how to choose the best op amp tool for the job. This 400 pages book is aimed at teaching the readers how to make circuits that do not consume much energy and are cost-effective along with being able to be produced in small size.

Op Amps for Everyone PDF

Op Amps for Everyone PDF Features:

  • The writer tries to teach the reader on using the best kind of op amp which ensures most efficient use of amplifiers by having the specifications needed for your design.
  • It has information for forming the whole signal chain from getting transducers to getting power supplies.
  • It also has specific information for creating designs that work well in harsh conditions like high temperature or shock situations. There is focus on letting the readers know about which factors may degrade their design and how to prevent or tackle that degradation.
  • Furthermore, there is information about negative regulation techniques and about trouble shooting.
  • With the designing techniques described in the book, you can finally make circuits with real world component values and choose the best kind of amplifier for your design.

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