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Practical Electronics Handbook is one of the best handbooks out there on the subject of electronics and the components associated with them. The newer editions cover all the new and more advanced electronic components that are coming in the market now and are being used in the projects. It is basically about circuits and components, both active and passive.

Practical Electronics Handbook PDF Review:

The book was originally published in 1988 and written by Ian Sinclair. There are many new editions that have released over the years. The book was published by Elsevier and consists of 400 pages. It revolves around the concepts of engineering and technology. The concepts in the book are applicable for all kinds of people associated with electronics including hobbyists, engineers, professionals and even students. The approach to electronics applied in this book is quite effective as it deals with every aspect of electronics in a precise yet informative way.

Practical Electronics Handbook PDF

Practical Electronics Handbook PDF Features:

  • The book has all the introductory information that people working in the fields of electronics need from soldering to unsoldering that is required in making of projects.
  • The reader will also get informed about connectors and sensing components along with their use and effectiveness in projects.
  • Every reader will gain basic insight into the field because the book focuses on the rules of thumb which mean that it is quite authentic in its information and details.
  • It has all you need to know about circuits and all kinds of circuits like integrated circuits, series and parallel circuits .
  • The revised versions also deal with digital circuits and transferring of digital Information along with the conversions with digital analogue.
  • Since computers are being used more extensively now, the book also covers the ways in which computers help with circuits and their applications in the field.

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