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Practical Electronics for Inventors is a self help guide to learn how to construct your own gadgets at home. This book explains the process of making gadgets by explaining the basic electronic concepts and their applications.

Practical Electronics for Inventors 4th Edition pdf Review:

This book is a combined effort of two amazing writers, Paul Scherz and Simon Monk. It was published by McGraw Hill Publications in April, 2016. Both the authors are experts in their field with Simon Monk having a PhD in Software Engineering. He has previously wrote a number of bestselling electronics related books for hobbyists, engineers and students. Paul is a hobbyist and electronic lover. He learnt to love this field through experience and in his books, he shares this knowledge with his readers.  This book is a no nonsense guide on how to use electronic concepts to build your own gadgets easily using the instructions given in the book. It is full of knowledge about digital electronics, semi conductors and voltage etc.

Practical Electronics for Inventors PDF

Practical Electronics for Inventors pdf Features:

  • The book has a step by step guide on how to develop the necessary skills for using circuits in daily use.
  • There are plenty of illustrations in the book teaching the reader how to design circuits and use micro controllers for DIY projects.
  • With the help of this book, the readers can construct functional gadgets with the help of programmable logic, voltage regulators and operational amplifiers.
  • The fourth edition is the latest edition with updated information about touch screen technology and solar cells.
  • This 1100 page book is an extensive study on the topics of latest electronics like microphones, LED screens, audio amps, speakers and stepper motors microphones.
  • After reading this book, you will be fully guided on prototypes and modular electronics.

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