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Principles of Electronics is a course text book that was designed for distance learning program of Electronic Technician. The book has all the basic information about electronics, their uses and applications. Along with that, it also has other important features of a text book like appendices and references etc.

Principles of Electronics pdf Review:

The book is Written by Colin Simpson who is quite expert in his field. The best part about this book is that it relates the scientific concepts and explanations with the real world things that the reader can easily observe around him. Despite being a textbook that starts with a basic plan, this book has the depth and strategically planned layout of an electronics manual. Not only does the reader get familiar with electronic concepts and components, there is also detailed description of trouble shooting issues, problem solving skills needed for an electronics project and safety tips needed to assure maximum safety during these risky projects. The book lays emphasis on the working of circuits and has authentic information that is supported by facts and theorems.

Principles of Electronics PDF

Principles of Electronics PDF Features:

  • The book has a lot of mathematical theorems and formulae to prove the scientific text in the book and to explain it further. The laws in the book include Kirchoff’s Law and Thevenin’s Law with details about power, circuit analysis and energy, additionally.
  • There is a summary at the end of each chapter and a glossary at the back of the book defining all important electronics terms that the reader may need.
  • Practical applications of electronic components are displayed which lets the reader understand the fundamental principles of electronics.
  • There is information about AC and DC current, integrated circuits, amplifiers, transistors and so much more. To understand the theorem explained in the book, the reader needs to have some knowledge of trigonometry and algebra.

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