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Robot Builder’s Bonanza is a guide for hobbyists about the electronic components that are involved in robotics and their application in the field. This book is aimed at introducing the reader with the latest technology of robot making and the processes involved in the process.

Robot Builder’s Bonanza pdf Review:

The book is written by a tech genius, Gordon McComb. Published by McGraw Hill Education in 2001, this book is revolving around the themes of technology and engineering. This extensive book contains all the information a newbie needs when stepping into the fields of technology especially involving the use of microcontrollers. The writer is a passionate electronics hobbyist who has written best seller book on the same subject before. Currently, he writes the column relating to Robotics in a very famous magazine called Poptronics Magazine. This book contains all you need to know about the latest technology relating to robots being microcontroller and how remote controls are used in the field of robotics. When you put this book down, you will be equipped with the required information for a robot making project.

Robot Builder's Bonanza PDF

Robot Builder’s Bonanza PDF Features:

  • The book has diagrams and lists of all the components needed for the projects mentioned in the book. It provides ease to the reader in understanding the concepts better and identifying the tools needed.
  • There is mention of Lego mind storm kits and their uses in the making of robots. Other commercial kits are also mentioned with their applications and working concepts.
  • The writer talks about Technology based robots in large detail and also sheds light on the motorized systems being used the latest technology.
  • There are 11 projects in the book that a hobbyist can do and for making the whole process easier, the book comes with illustrations that are helpful and engaging.

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