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Teach yourself Electricity and Electronics is a self study book that has become the best book out there to learn about the basics of technology related to electricity and electronics. The book covers a wide array of subjects ranging from basics like circuits to complex topics like wireless technology.

Teach yourself Electricity and Electronics pdf Review:

Written by Stan Gibbilisco, this book was published in 1991. The revised edition came in 1993. Stan has written a number of articles and books on the subject. His Encyclopaedia of electronics was regarded as the best reference book about the topic. The author is an engineer and electronics hobbyist. He has also penned the Know it All series relating to the same topic under Mc Graw Hill Publications.  This short yet comprehensive book gives major insight into the world of electronics by touching on wireless technology, internet and the new technological machines. It has a rating of 3.9 on Good Reads. You can learn about the fundamentals principles of electronics and their application in daily life without having to go for extensive classes or courses.

Teach yourself Electricity and Electronics PDF

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics PDF Features:

  • The book contains easy language and step by step guide of learning about electricity and electronics.
  • There are detailed illustrations to help the reader understand all the concepts easily and in more efficiently.
  • The writer uses practical examples to familiarise the reader with use of electricity and electronics in daily life.
  • There are key concepts in the book for testing yourself.
  • The book has basic information like study of lithium ions and complex topics like microcontrollers are also covered.
  • Quite shortly, this book also touches on Arduino electronics platforms, their applications and programming of Arduino.
  • The books also talks about switching power supplies and class D amplifiers.

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