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TTL cook book is a book that is a guide at learning everything about TTL devices. It is aimed at teaching all about TTL devices starting from what they are to how they work and why they are used. It covers the basics of TTL in a very comprehensive way.

TTL Cook Book pdf Review:

The book is written by Don Lancaster.  Published by Sams in 1974, this book became an international bestseller in a matter of time. Don is the head of Synergetics which is a company that is associated with electronic designs and use of micro applications and is involved in prototyping. Lancaster has written many other books on the subjects relating to technology, computers and TTL too. His work is quite beneficial in a way that it is nicely put so that it is clear and can be easily understood by the reader. He has also written over 200 articles on the same subjects that have been quite widely recognized and used by engineers and students of technology. This book also has knowledge imparted from the great expert in the field which is why it has a Good reads rating of 4.3 / 5 which exhibits reader satisfaction.

TTL Cookbook PDF

TTL Cookbook PDF Features:

  • It introduces the readers to TTL and tells them about their usage and the concepts behind their working and application.
  • Along with covering the basics of TTL, it also has a catalogue of devices and is filled with circuits accompanied by their practical application in daily life.
  • There is detailed information about logic gates, flip flops and shift registers. Don also talks about rate multipliers and their usage.
  • He lays emphasis on the use and dynamics of TTL integrated circuits and their applications in electronic projects and daily life components.

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